La Leona Lodge

We are located at the entrance of Corcovado National Park.

In the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, nestled in the most beautiful,

primary rainforest and surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

Come and see for yourself what paradise looks like, and

enjoy all the attention and accommodations of a lavish stay in the wild!

Prepare Yourself to Embark in The Journey of a Lifetime!

La Leona Eco-Lodge is located on the southern entrance to Corcovado National Park,

called by many,  "The Most Biologically Intense Place on Earth"!.

We have 9 acres of amazing Pacific beachfront property backed by 75 acres of

primary rain forest,which borders the park. Wild life knows no boundaries, so

animals that can be seen in the park can also be spotted while hiking on our trails.

These will take you through a mystical rainforest with trees that reach up to 60 meters,

home of an intricate system of lianas, insects, epiphytes, birds, and mammals.

Our visitors return home with tales of close jaguar sightings,white-lipped peccary herds,

 and sizable scarlet macaw flocks to name a few.

Our guest list has included researchers, photographers, filmmakers, nature lovers

and honeymooners who have found our lodge irresistible.

"Wild Serenity" Surrounds Us!

 Experience Unforgettable Memories! 

La Leona Eco-Lodge