The Tents

Your total comfort is our priority.

Each tent is tastefully arranged

overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean.

Strategically positioned to provide privacy.

We have 16 tents at this time. 6 of them have an adjacent

 gorgeous outside garden bathroom.

12 of them can fit a couple in a double bed to 3 in separate twin size beds.

4 are small fitting 1 or 2 in twin size beds.

These share an outside bathroom house with 4 showers and 4 toilets.

Spacious front porches fit a couple of armchairs

to provide you with a spectacular  view of the ocean 

or simply sipping a glass of wine while watching the night sky.

 All the Tents have insect proof screening.



The Restaurants

Our restaurant "Jardines del Mar", is located within a short walking distance from the tents.

All of our meals are made from scratch, and they are prepared with fresh ingredients.

Our cuisine is a mixture of Costa Rican, American and International Style dishes.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served during set hours. Breakfast and lunch can be eaten in house or packed to go. These are popular among some of our guests; they enjoy them while they are bird watching, hiking, river swimming, or a day at the beach.

Dinner brings all our guests together where they spend a memorable evening dinning on candle-lit tables, reminiscing about their day events!   

The Pool

Our  pool is very refreshing!

It overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is within walking distance from the Tents and Restaurant!

There you can just relax and watch the ocean while the pelicans swoop by for dinner!

Or enjoy your favorite drink, while reading your favorite book!

The water from the pool, as also all the water at our lodge,

is natural spring water that bubbles out of a tree that has been

there untouched, for hundreds of years!

Some people feel rejuvenated after drinking it and bathing in it!

Our water has been called by some "The Fountain of Youth"!.

La Leona Eco-Lodge